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What is a quest?

Quest in reality - it's your own adventure where you become a hero (like a movie, book or favorite game).

Usually a quest consists of a room or area, plot and puzzles. Quests can be played in pairs and sometimes in a group of 5 people.

Gods of EgyptQuest in Hurghada

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We have quests that are not scary

There are quests that are cheerful and funny, bright and colorful. Quests like «Ограбление турфирмы» or «Пещера Алладина» are interesting and not scary. And «Логово маньяка» is for those who like to tickle nerves.

No need to be a genius

A quest is entertainment, not a test. A player that has some troubles with walkthrough can have a tip. The point is the interest, not difficulty level. We are constantly working on our quests for you to get more fun.

No skills required

Quests take place in ordinary rooms.You don't have to climb or to do any other special things. For example, we have a bright and funny travel agency office. No need in special clothes or preparations. 4-year kids and pregnant women play our quests - there are no scary things or physical exercises.

Player's task

You should solve all the puzzles or get out of the room in 60 minutes.

Most of us are familiar with the word 'quest' by computer games, but you don't have to have any computer game experience whatsoever to complete the quest in reality. Firstly it is an interesting adventure.

Quest's walkthrough requires solving clever riddles or being attentive to the details. The Quest room can be filled with clues and also some logical elements. For example, if you combine two things you will get a key that will give you access to the next riddle.

You can also find a door to another room or maybe you should use electricity, gravitation, light, anything to find a way out.